For Existing Customer



A client can provide his company and product information to register his company with GST Invoice App.


Client Gets Login

Once all required information is provided by the client, he will get a Login ID via Email to get logged in to the Mobile App.

Download the Android App

Client can download the GST invoice App from the Google Play Store and use this app after entering the company Login ID.

Create Invoice

This section enables users to create invoices along with these available categories; GST Invoice, Credit / Debit Notes & Export Invoice

View Previous Bills

By entering a share code a user will be able to view the invoice details and also he can archive the invoice through this section.

How to Use Guidlines

Through this section, client can get the information about how to use this andoird mobile app and its features

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How It works


Recharge Packages

  • 20 Tokens 199 + GST
  • 70 Tokens 599 + GST
  • 150 Tokens 999 + GST
  • 400 Tokens 1999 + GST

Unlimited Packages

  • Unlimited Tokens 1749 + GST
    (06 month)
  • Unlimited Tokens 2999 + GST
    (01 year)